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A structural assessment is a procedure to check the adequacy, structural integrity, and capacity of structures and segments. An evaluation is needed to assess a structure's current and future performance and conformance to current building codes.

​All buildings and structures require an inspection periodically to assure structural safety, strength, and durability under normal/actual loads as well as decreasing the probability of excessive collapse under unanticipated loads.
The results of having inadequate structural integrity can be a threat to public safety – meaning the building may not be able to bear the loads that it was designed for.

The assessment process at BESTRU Consulting Engineers includes visual inspections of structural members such as columns, beams,  foundations, joists, load-bearing walls, slabs, roof decking, and connections for any signs of structural deficiencies such as cracks, extreme movements, bending, deflections, differential settlements, including any evidence of distress and material deterioration.
Our Professional Engineers evaluate the structural elements assuring that they will proceed to perform their designed function securely.

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