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Grid Pattern Building

Special structures require engineering creativity and unique analysis or construction techniques, often beyond the scope of work or the expertise level attributed to many engineering works.

Our engineers work collaboratively with architects and owners, combining imaginative design with leading-edge modeling and analysis to create intelligent solutions to the complexity of these projects.

Blast Design

At BESTRU Consulting Engineers, we incorporate blast design into our services to mitigate damage to the structure with the most cost-effective solution in blast events. We work closely with the clients to understand their specific requirements as well as the potential threats and vulnerabilities facing their building.


For buildings of unusual size, shape, structural system in high- seismic areas, code provisions written for typical structures may be incapable or inappropriate. BESTRU Consulting Engineers have impressive experience and skill in seismic design, and the essential specialist fields behind it for new buildings as well as retrofit and renovation of existing buildings. We work with clients and architects to establish project-specific operational or performance measures and determine appropriate loading events. 

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Construction Workers at Site

Then we implement advanced analytical techniques, such as nonlinear and time-history analysis, to validate that criteria are met. The result is a building that better meet essential performance goals.

Wind Engineering

Strong winds can produce massive loads on tall buildings, often triggering dynamic responses. Therefore, wind loading is generally supposed to be one of the most crucial determinants when designing tall structures.
Our engineers have sound experience on how to mitigate the wind effects on building movement while increasing the building’s overall resilience and performance.

Advanced Structural Analysis

In BESTRU Consulting Engineers, we utilize various advanced analytical techniques to solve severe design problems. We are experienced in obtaining solutions for structures of every type and in locations around the world. Our Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise includes:

  • Computational Analysis

  • Creep/Shrinkage effects

  • Fatigue Analysis

  • Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

  • Vertical Shortening Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

Hurricane Damage
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