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BeStru Engineering is a structural design firm with the growth mindset of working with home owners, imaginative architects, other engineers and developers.  We are located in Ontario, Canada and provide service to GTA, all Canadian provinces and as well US.


We provide variety range of structural services, with quality and technical knowledge of large firms, in meantime, affordability and precision of small companies. At BeStru, we work with professional engineers with great level of knowledge and experience to have a complete package for our clients; from a small residential remodeling projects to very complex structural analysis and design such as seismic retrofitting, blast design and progressive collapse analysis. 

BeStru's approach to engineering is based on a fundamental knowledge that allows us to come up with solutions that are unique, economical and adaptable to different contexts. Our experience in working with multi-discipline groups enables us to efficiently contribute in early stages of a design to achieve a feasible , economical and smart solutions. 


whether you have a small project in hand or a complex demand for your job, let our engineers proudly serve you. 



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