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Discover the expertise of BESTRU Consulting Engineers in assisting you with the creation of site plans, as well as architectural and structural drawings for your project.

Interested in Garden Suites?

Residential Houses

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Special structures require engineering creativity and unique analysis or construction techniques. 

Our engineers work collaboratively with architects and owners, combining imaginative design with leading-edge modeling and analysis to create intelligent solutions to the complexity of these projects.

Our commitment extends beyond the realm of standard practices. We pride ourselves on pushing boundaries, leveraging technology, and staying abreast of the latest advancements and developments in the field.

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By combining personal perspective and effective functionality, we create unique homes designed specifically with each client's needs in mind. Our services include:


  • Customized residential structures

  • Residential extensions

  • Medium density developments

  • Retirement villages

  • Apartment buildings

  • Swimming pools

  • Multi-level mixed-use developments

  • Suspended floor systems

  • Roof systems

  • Outbuildings, garages, patios and gazebos

  • Framing

  • Retaining wall design and certification


Flat viewing

BeStru Consulting Engineers can help you with all structural services including but not limited to:

  • Conceptual studies

  • Preliminary design 

  • Permit and construction drawings 

  • Field directions 

  • General review of construction

We currently don't provide Architectural or Construction services to our clients but can definitely help if you need our engineering services from the early stage of construction to very end step of your project. 

Architects and Builders

Leave all of your engineering demands with us, we would gladly help you with them. We can help Architects for all structural engineering aspect of the design with no additional fees* . Our strong engineering profile gives enough flexibility for the architects to make their design possible. 

We also work with the builders and developers in all different stages of construction including : 

  • Approval and construction drawings

  • Site visits and field direction 

  • Structural approval and sign-off


*There would not be any associated fees for preliminary design and reviews if the final design is conducted by BeStru Consulting Engineers.  

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